How we work

Zambon S.p.A. is the Zambon Group company in charge of the pharmaceutical business.

The company operates within the pharmaceutical market in three strategic areas: Respiratory (48%), Pain Management (14%), Woman Health Care (21%) and gastro & others (12%). Its work spans the entire chain, from Product Innovation (Research and Development) to Production and Marketing.

The company’s central structure is responsible for setting out guidelines and managing the development of the pharmaceutical business, with particular focus on Innovation and Medical Sciences, Marketing, Business Development, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Management Control, Legal Affairs and Human Resources and Organization.

In the Innovation Division, the internal Zambon structures are integrated with both an external and internal network of specialized consultants. The internal consultants work with other group companies - ZaCh (the Zambon Group’s Fine Chemical) and Zcube - which respectively ensure innovation in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials and Drug Delivery technology.
Finally the development of the product portfolio is supported by Licensing, allowing Zambon to fulfil its function by licensing third party products.

In its Drug Production, Zambon’s strategy is to strengthen its capacity and manufacturing technologies in Europe and that is why it is improving its plants in Vicenza and Cadempino (Switzerland), in addition to its plants in areas undergoing strong economic development, such as China (Haikou) and Brazil (Sao Paolo), with a development program involving plants and their manufacturing capacities as well as their manufacturing processes. Guaranteeing product quality is essential to the Zambon Production division’s mission. That is why Zambon Manufacturing & Supply set up a Quality Control department that ensures – at both its plants and those of its affiliates – the establishment and implementation of a strict quality control system.

Scientific Information and Commercialization are supported by sales divisions, located in 12 countries. Zambon's “core markets” are Italy, Spain, France, the CIS, Brazil and China in addition to its affiliates in Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Colombia and Indonesia. Its commercial activities are supported by a network of distributors spread throughout Europe, Central America, South America, North Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

None of this would be possible without the work of some 2697 employees, who work daily within the Zambon pharmaceutical business and who have allowed Zambon to post a turnover of €601million in 2014.