Our Mission




Our Mission: What is behind it and how it relates to our strategy.


Zambon has historically stood out in the field of scientific and pharmaceutical research, developing important new molecules that have become best in class in the treatment of various wide-spread diseases: acute and chronic bronchitis, idiopatic pulmonary fibrosis, non-complicated urinary tract infections, slight to moderate pain and ear aches.

Given the rapid and fundamental changes taking place, in 2007, following a thorough strategic review of the market and of its own particular skills, and driven by the search for a product which will guarantee the company’s existence for another hundred years, Zambon decided to expand its Mission to include a broader strategic vision of its business.

"The values ​​of Zambon to offer products, services and solutions dedicated to breathe well and live well".

The new mission highlights its corporate values as the company’s true driving force. For Zambon, what people achieve is important as well as how they do it. The company's values therefore become a part of everyday life: from pharmaceutical representatives through to manufacturers.

The end users of the medicines and services underpin the company’s values, along with care for people who work with the company, the development of the community in which it operates, environmental sustainability and respect for its investment partners. Listening to the needs of various stakeholders, working together to enhance relations, providing assistance and making it easy to cooperate are an essential part of the company's management thinking: this 360 degree corporate respect is an essential factor in the reputation, economic success and longevity of the company.

Its new mission also identifies a particular treatment focus - the Respiratory Area - where structural and demographic factors, such as changes in lifestyle and air pollution, continue to impact the rate of pathology (from the most common to the most serious), which is increasing at a worrisome rate.

Lastly the new mission significantly expands both Zambon’s field of application and its objectives.

Other than pharmaceuticals, featuring services and solutions too: because managing health is an increasingly complex process in which the drug works better only if administered alongside services that enhance its efficiency and, in some cases, where given as part of a broader integrated solution that improves its performance and safety, that make it easier to administer and easier for patients to stick to their course of treatment.

Other than breathing well, improving quality of life: this is particularly true in many patients for whom life means living with the disease for long periods of time, preventing disease or preventing recurrence of the disease, the question of health goes hand in hand with quality of life.

In this sense, Zambon wanted to provide its own innovative interpretation of the role that drug companies will have to play in the future in the broadest sense as health care operators: making the patient its focus once more and listening carefully to his or her needs, coming up with integrated products, services and solutions that can more broadly and completely meet patients’ healthcare needs as well as those of healthcare providers.