Quality and efficiency: the production

Zambon Switzerland has in the Cadempino plant all production departments, a quality control lab and a warehouse for automated storage of both raw materials and finished products; the industrial area covers an area of about 9’000 sq. metres.

The productive business is focussed on medicines in oral form - granulated and effervescent - and injectables, used in the following therapeutic areas: mucolytic/antioxidant, analgesic and oral and injectable antibiotics.

Injectable forms treated in Zambon Switzerland are antibiotic powder products filled in asepsis areas built in a modern and well segregated section of the industrial building.

The total productive capacity is currently about 90 million of pieces. The capacity for granulated forms in sachets, put Zambon Switzerland among major worldwide producers.

Zambon Switzerland has a proper engineering service dedicated to the continued maintenance and improvement of the entire industrial area.

The environment management system in Zambon Switzerland was recognized in 2004 according ISO 14000 international standards certification.

The company quality system is of course aligned to qualitative GMP standards recognized from European sanitary bodies as well as from FDA, and therefore authorized to produce commercialized products in the USA.