Quality assurance

In order to guarantee the quality of the production process and therefore the quality of the pharmaceutical products, of course by means of Quality Assurance and Quality Control functions, Zambon also gets further support from external companies and obviously from all the plant personnel.

 The security and efficacy of the products can be obtained only through deep knowledge and control of the production processes.

 For this reason, our Quality System is based on:

  • rigorous work procedures, conforming to the severe related international standards.
  • a full validation of all systems involved in the production process, giving a documented assurance of their efficiency and their performance repeatability.
  • a constant monitoring of all the parameters that can show a potential deviations from acceptance criteria, in order to set up a proper set of preventive and corrective actions.
  • rigorous chemical and microbiological tests performed on raw materials, packaged materials, intermediates and finished products.

 Attention to the security of the final user guides each one of us every day and our customers and patients requirements and their needs has a continuous influence on our qualitative standards.

The quality in Zambon is not just an abstract concept; it is a culture and a practice around which the whole work of the company turns.

 Zambon takes care to management of environmental safe and work health issues: through risk analysis on production processes until final treatments of residuals and waste and all emissions for each industrial process, our attention take care of the maintenance of health of internal collaborators and external people.

 Our systems QA and SHE obtained and keep following national and international certificates:

  • Approval from Swissmedic
  • Approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Certified ISO 14001:2004