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 Zambon Switzerland is a company based in Ticino, and is the associate company of the Pharmaceutical Group Zambon a multinational group represented in a lot of countries in the world. The Zambon Group, which has its headquarters in Milan, began in 1906 in Vicenza and employs at present about 2’500 people worldwide.

Zambon Switzerland was created in Ticino – south of Switzerland- in the first half of the Sixties. First site was installed in the municipality of Lamone and sized in order to cover selling expectations just for Switzerland market. But after few years, the pharmaceutical specialities of Zambon gain much interest and trust of the Swiss doctors, starting from this point a big expansion toward European market.
Due to this rapid expansion, starting from 1980 Zambon Group planned and built in Cadempino, near Lamone, a new international site with both industrial and administrative sections.

During the period 1982 – 1987, the industrial areas, the production and quality sectors and labs doubled their size. At the beginning of 1990, considerable investments were finalized and a new area was created extending dedicated to a new production of injectable antibiotics forms. The first filling line in aseptic conditions was installed in 1992 and then doubled in 2003/04.

Within the Zambon Group, Zambon Switzerland has a considerable strategic importance, as well from the commercial and scientific- clinical point of view, being the main production centre for main proprietary pharmaceutical specialities of Zambon, distributed by means of operative branches of the Group, as well straight distributed to third customers in Europe, in USA and Asia.

More than thirty pharmaceutical specialities with more than seventy-five different types of final packaging and dosage form are produced and marketed from Zambon in Switzerland. Zambon Switzerland is one of the most important producers of ethic products in Ticino and it is currently included in the first ten Swiss specialties sellers.

Zambon Switzerland exports about 90% of its total production; the continuous growth of selling volumes confirms the qualitative level of a young company that inserted itself into the traditions of the Swiss pharmaceutical industry.

In the local market, Zambon Switzerland is well known for its list of specialities with medical prescription and currently suggested in the pharmacies; the most notable brands are: Fluimucil, Spedifen, Fluimare and Monuril.


Company Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy


Zambon Switzerland SA is committed to running a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable operation, in keeping with the corporate values of safeguarding health, safety and the environment, both within the company and beyond.

To do this, Zambon Switzerland SA has developed an INTEGRATED HEALTH, SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in accordance with the requirements of Directive CFSL 6508 and international environmental management Standard ISO 14001:2004. This management system is an effective tool to ensure and steadily increase levels of workplace safety, preventive healthcare and environmental protection and is an opportunity for improvement and growth for the company and all its employees.

The creation of a Health, Safety and Environmental corporate culture that is shared and lived by all the staff is a constant challenge for Zambon Switzerland SA



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